Work Clockmaker Nico

What is the specialization of Nico van den assem restorations? We specialize in the repair, and restoration of antique clocks, barometers and scientific instruments.

We can offer you the total package for the restoration of your clock or barometer of clockwork to Cabinet the dial the gilded work to the restoration of a emaillen dial.

This package we can offer that there is closely worked together with other practitioners from the restoration box. Among other things there is a furniture maker who worked with the clock cabinets under his guard, takes an email that the dials, a vergulder leur restores that are still on the old way has become badly in new life, and a gold-plated work blows on a dial painter who the painting or on a closet brings back to life.

We can also build the back of alarm systems from portrait watches and clocks for you take care of a lantern, where example shown in the photo report.

Also making pointers, doors, weights that can be hit with a move search in old glory and style can be created again faithfully.

The procedure goes as follows for a restoration work, we come to the clock or barometer when you retrieve or you can come to him. The clock is disassembled, cupboard and dial goes to the relevant expert for a quote, and the clock is with us in the workplace and disassembled to subject a thorough inspection.

The quote shall be prepared and put in there what is needed extensively from one for the clock or barometer weather in old glory to recover.

You can reach us by phone on the numbers +31 (0)183 589 410 and mobile on +31 (0)6 5377 0941.

Or per mail on