Who is Nico?

Nico grew up in Almkerk a plate in North Brabant. After the L.T.S (the Guild) in Gorinchem, where the training to machine and construction bank working with success was completed there were chosen for a further training of secondary vocational education. The choice was quickly made it became the training school for training in schoonhoven, M.T.S vocational school to, Goldsmith, silversmith, engraver, and clockmaker. The logical step that was made was clockwork technique, to that there always been a big interest for fine mechanics and this beautiful was joined on the training.

The training lasted four years where an internship year was the last year. Because during the training, though a penchant was for antique clocks and restoration thereof. Was the whole times great that there should be a very prominent internship company in Breda what specializes in the restoration and sale of antique clocks and barometers. In this internship year I had had the privilege to know very much about the restoration and sale of this box, what took place on the two largest antique fairs of Tefaf Maastricht the Netherlands and PAN Amsterdam.

After this internship year, what was the completion of the training, and I was also sealed with a diploma was a fixed appointment offered at this stage company. where I was employed as a student for a year. I’ve worked nine years at this address and very much experience in the field of clock restoration, and to the most beautiful clocks that may work but somewhat conceivable.

In 2007 work the step taken to be self-employed and the experience gained in the area of restoration if independent in practice.