Welcome at Nico van den Assem restorations

Nico van den Assem restorations, is a company which specializes in the repair and restoration of, (antique) clocks, barometers and scientific instruments, antique (antique).

After the passage of the years, and intensive use, the ravages of time visible on the outside of the clock, and noticeable to the timepiece ever further behind is going to run and what more and more features about hitting, with the result that the clockeventually silent.

The main cause of the fall of a clock is still overdue maintenance. Just like a car has a clock regular maintenance needed.

If this is not the correct way is done regularly, the oil from the bearings will eventually walk where by the bearings dry running. Because the bearings dry running, is there space formed on these bearings, where by the gears no longer good in each other intervention. As a result the stationary of the clock.

We find it very important to deliver a sustainable and responsible restoration. That is why we also use of the right types of material, and the right tools who at the time of the emergence of the clock were also used. All this to to good and responsible restoration to come. We also believe it is important to preserve as much as possible original parts.

If we are not able to refresh more around a component when this component is created, so the whole style faithful replaced part is indistinguishable from the original component. The replaced parts are also passed to the customer because this is a piece of history is what belongs to the clock and the customer can see what exactly is replaced.

examples of restorations